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Contact us:

Phone +49 40 60 944 3412

Start your digital
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Start your digital
journey now

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Working digitally

The Covid-19 pandemic is a great challenge for all of us. We would like to make our contribution to overcoming the current situation as sensibly and successfully as possible. We are a committed team that has been working on digitalization for many years. We are specialists when it comes to digital communication via video conferencing, digital events and decentralized cooperation.
Use the opportunity to connect with your team during home office. Invite your business partners, shareholders and customers to digital events. Teach your students easily and directly. Work together on projects and documents. Create trust when talking to customers.

We will find the right solution for you!

Our understanding of digitalization

Digital systems should support the user and become part of your culture. They should enable users to communicate, learn and work more easily.

The fields of consultancy

Video Conference

Replace personal meetings without sacrificing the facial expressions and gestures of all participants. Speak easily and confidently.

Digital Collaboration

Work together on projects. Create a connection with your team.
Be creative and productive together.

Digital Event

Maintain communication with your business partners, customers and employees. Experience the added value of a virtual space.


Share your messages and information with the whole world. Spread your event on all platforms.


Train the stakeholders of your organization with online courses. Interact with your audience in webinars.

Online Tools

There is a variety of software and online tools that you can use to digitalize your organization.

The time after Corona

Take advantage of the wave of digitalization to make your organization fit for the time after Corona. Let us develop strategies together to help you successfully exploit the opportunities offered by digitalization.

The consultants

Tobias Bohl

Tobias Bohl

For more than 10 years, I have been connecting people and technology. I foster the collaboration and communication between people and create experiences that will be remembered. I pursue a holistic approach with innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. When consulting for clients and planning solutions, I tailor the solutions individually to the needs of users. In addition to unique solutions, I am happy to advise you on the standardization of your systems.

Wolfgang Enigk

Wolfgang Enigk

To connect communication and technology efficiently, strategically and target group oriented is my credo as a technical planner for media technology and ICT. True to the motto "Technology can only be a means to an end", my focus is on the development of optimized solutions for individual customer requirements.


Gerhard Jahn

Simple approaches, clear steps and consulting with my own practical experience are my strengths. With 22 years of experience in audio and video technology planning, I can also advise you efficiently and comprehensibly on how to deal with current requirements and plan the implementation. I look forward to working out the simplest possible solutions for you!


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